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About the Farm

We are a new farm in Central Texas, 45 minutes from Austin and 20 minutes from Elgin. We care deeply about making good food and taking good care of  our animals and land.  We feed only certified organic GMO free grain, and never chemically treat our constantly rotating pastures.

In English Belle Vie literally means beautiful life, but in France it would be said out loud at times like at the beginning of a meal when the table is brimming with food and wine and one is surrounded by family and friends. “Ah la belle vie!” – oh, the good life. Aubrey and Perrine wholeheartedly embrace this phrase and hope their gourmet poultry brings it to restaurant menus and home tables alike.

Other things about the farm: We began raising french white Muscovy ducks after extensive research in the Perigord region of France and talking to French duck raisers who have been raising poultry for generations.  We also have  a laying flock  of  Sweet Emily and Khaki  Campbell ducks as well as guardian geese. Our two guardian geese Bonnie and Clyde are currently watching over the flock until Belle and Lune can take over the job, they laid eight eggs this spring and have their own little flock mixed in as well.

We would love to see how our food is enjoyed and collect any photos or stories you have. Please feel free to email or connect with us on social media or here on our website contact form. Or come tell us in person at the Mueller Farmers’ Market on Sundays!

Meet our team

  • Belle

    Duck Co-Guardian

    Last but not least, Belle is the newest addition to the team. While Lune manages to keep fairly clean, Belle can't help but roll and get covered in all kinds of things around the farm. Bark first and later, no questions is her motto. A close examination of her coat gives a good idea of what she has been up to. Belle is looking forward to a promotion to the duck yard without the guardian geese to assist, but her performance review isn't up until Christmas. We tell both dogs they are the best and they both believe it.
  • Perrine Renault Noelke

    Chef and Boss Lady

    Perrine was born in Montpellier and raised all over France, learning to appreciate food by watching her grandfathers raise food and grandmothers cook it. Family dinners around a table groaning with good food surrounded by happy people talking and drinking good wine make up a large part of what she understands to be the Belle Vie - beautiful life. This understanding drew her to work in the food industry. Her career in gourmet cuisine in France and Belgium prepared her to become a chef aboard large yachts in the Mediterranean. This is where she met Aubrey, and in their own galley aboard smaller catamarans in the Caribbean, Perrine perfected the art of serving gourmet fine dining to charter guests three meals a day. She now works in her own commercial kitchen making beautiful and delicious delicacies out of the food she helps raise. She has a passion for bringing creativity and new ingredients to traditional French cooking, as well as a love for a cheese platter and good Bordeaux wine at the end of a long day.
  • Aubrey Compton Noelke

    Captain of Belle Vie Farm

    Aubrey is from Austin, Texas, with ranching roots that reach back seven generations of cattle ranchers in West Texas. Spending summers working at the Double Half Circle Ranch near Mertzon gave him a direct understanding of a hard day's work along with where dinner comes from. After graduating from St. John's College in Santa Fe he struck out on a quest for adventure, where he met Perrine and became a self- taught boat engineer and eventually a commercial sailboat captain. While on night watch crossing the pacific a dream of land to call their own took hold. For three years he and Perrine saved all their income and slowly filled the boat with books about sustainable agriculture. On their time off they interned at farms and researched in southern France to prepare for their future duck farm and life on land in Central Texas. These days he spends most of his time worrying about the temperature of the duck houses, getting new cedar chips/water/feed and clover out for the ducklings.
  • Lune

    Duck Guardian

    Protector and greeter at Belle Vie Farm and kitchen. Likes to check the mail down the long driveway daily (even Sundays), swim in the pond, pick things out of the compost pile, and gather things like sticks and thorns in his fluffy coat. Perrine and Aubrey discovered Lune on their honeymoon in Louisiana, he doesn't speak much french but knows his name means "moon."