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Perrine Renault Noelke

Chef and Boss Lady

Perrine was born in Montpellier and raised all over France, learning to appreciate food by watching her grandfathers raise food and grandmothers cook it. Family dinners around a table groaning with good food surrounded by happy people talking and drinking good wine make up a large part of what she understands to be the Belle Vie – beautiful life. This understanding drew her to work in the food industry. Her career in gourmet cuisine in France and Belgium prepared her to become a chef aboard large yachts in the Mediterranean. This is where she met Aubrey, and in their own galley aboard smaller catamarans in the Caribbean, Perrine perfected the art of serving gourmet fine dining to charter guests three meals a day. She now works in her own commercial kitchen making beautiful and delicious delicacies out of the food she helps raise.

She has a passion for bringing creativity and new ingredients to traditional French cooking, as well as a love for a cheese platter and good Bordeaux wine at the end of a long day.